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RAS Mains Exam General Studies Paper-3 Complete Study Notes

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RAS/RTS Mains Exam General Studies Paper-3

Paper-III General Knowledge and General Studies

Unit I- Indian Political System, World Politics and Current Affairs

·        Indian Constitution: Framing, Features, Amendments, Basic Structure.

·        Ideological Contents: Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties.

·        Institutional framework- I: Parliamentary System, President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Parliament.

·        Institutional Framework- II: Federalism, Centre-State relations, Supreme Court, High Courts, Judicial Review, Judicial Activism.

·        Institutional Framework- III: Election Commission of India, Comptroller and Auditor General, Union Public Service Commission, NITI Aayog, Central Vigilance Commission, Central Information Commission, National Human Rights Commission

·        Political Dynamics: Role of Cast, Religion, Class, Ethnicity, Language and Gender in Indian Politics, Political Parties and Electoral Behaviour, Civil Society and Political Movement, Issues related to National Integrity and Security. Potential areas of Socio-Political conflicts

·        State Politics of Rajasthan: Party System, Political Demography, Different phases of Political competition in Rajasthan, Panchayati Raj and Urban self Government Institutions

·        Emerging World Order in the post Cold War era, USA’s hegemony and its resistance, UN and Regional Organizations, International Terrorism and Environmental issues.

·        Foreign Policy of India: Evolution, Determinants, India’s relations with USA, China, Russia and European Union, India’s role in UN, NAM, BRICS, G- 20, G- 77 and SAARC.

·        Geo-political and Strategic development in South Asia, South East Asia and West Asia and their impact on India.

·        Current Affairs: Current events, persons and places of Rajasthan, National and international importance, recent activities related to games and sports.

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